3 Important Advantages Of A Local Taxi Service Over Ride-Sharing Companies

Ride share companies are very popular right now. They are in the news, and users are jumping on board with apps that let them call a private car and driver whenever they need one. The drivers are all independent contractors who charge their own rates, and simply use the ride sharing companies as a marketing method so they can get clients. These companies may seem convenient, but they can't compare to a local taxi service. If you are looking for a quality ride, consider the three important advantages a private taxi service has over ride-sharing companies.

1. Taxi Services Are Regulated

A local taxi service is subject to many state and regional regulations that they must adhere to in order to legally operate. This is good news for you as a passenger. It means that their drivers are vetted, and the cars in which you ride meet certain safety standards. You can't be as assured of your safety in an unregulated ride share car, and you never know who is driving or how well trained they are behind the wheel.

When you ride in a taxi, you can feel secure in knowing you will get to your destination safely and securely. A ride share company can't promise you that.

2. Taxi Companies Have Set Fares

You can find out what the fares are for a taxi service just by calling them, or by going to their website. While you may choose to tip the driver, the actual fare will not change in the middle of the ride (or before your ride even gets there). This level of assurance means you will always be prepared for the fare you will owe at the end of your ride. This knowledge allows you to put enough money in your wallet before the taxi picks you up.

Ride share companies cannot promise you a set fare. Because their drivers are not technically employed by the ride share companies, they can change their stated fare at any time. Sometimes, this happens in the middle of the ride. You may also be quoted a higher fare when the driver arrives than you were quoted through the company's app.

There have been several news stories in recent months of ride share users being charged hundreds of dollars in fares for short rides. These riders were quoted different prices when they got in the car. There is a very real possibility of this happening to you, too. According to WJLA.com, one woman even had to crowd-source her unexpectedly large ride share fare. This will never be the case with a professional taxi service.

3. Drivers Are Traceable With A Taxi Service

Because taxi drivers work for the cab company, they are accountable for all of their actions while driving you. If you have a problem with a driver, which should be rare, you can always get the driver's identification number and call the cab company to report it. There is no such recourse with a ride share company. A driver can give you any name, and has no company identification. You can email the ride share company, but there is no guarantee they will address the issue with the driver.

You are also safer with a local taxi service driver. Because a ride share driver has no real accountability, other than the reviews you give after the ride, they can, and do, sometimes engage in unsavory behavior such as sexual harassment, stalking, and robbery. Ride share drivers could also commit any number of other crimes with you in the car. Using a respected and well-known local cab company ensures your safety during your ride, because the drivers are employees with rules they must follow.


While the concept of a ride share company may be interesting, it is risky to use one. Other people have discovered this already, and these companies are getting bad press because of it.

You never hear of local taxi companies getting bad press. This is because they are regulated, and their drivers do their jobs well. The next time you need a ride, call your local taxi service to get a safe, secure trip. For more information, look at this web-site.