5 Things You Don’t Want To Forget When You Stay In A Hotel With Your Cat

If you are going on a holiday trip or family vacation, you may not want to leave your cat behind. When you stay in a hotel with your cat, you want to be prepared to make your cat's stay just as comfortable as your own. Here are five things you need to remember to help have a successful stay in a hotel room with your cat.

Don't Sneak Your Cat In the Room

First off, you want to start your stay off right with the hotel staff and make sure they allow pets in their rooms. Let them know you will have your cat with you in the room and find out how much any extra pet fees or  deposits are going to add onto your hotel room rate. 

Honesty is always the best policy, especially if you need to leave your cat in the room while you go out. You don't want a cleaning person to accidentally let your pet escape out the door or report you for having an unauthorized pet in your room. And, anytime you leave the room you should hang a sign on the door indicating there is a cat inside.

When you and your cat get checked in, take a look at your room. If it is old and dirty or smells of cigarette smoke, let the hotel staff know you want a different room. Just because you have a pet with you does not mean that you have to stay in a room of lesser quality. You are paying a fair price on the hotel rate and should be able to expect the same treatment as other guests.

Use a Pet Carrier

It is a good idea to bring your pet carrier with you because it will allow you to safely get your cat from the vehicle to your room. Place a familiar blanket or pillow with the scent of home on it inside the carrier to make your cat feel more secure.

Many cats don't like change and can be a little flighty, so your cat might get stressed out and panic on the way into the hotel. For your cat's safety, your own safety, and the safety of any people in the hotel lobby, don't let your cat out of their carrier until you are in your room. 

Leave the cat carrier door open after you let your cat out of the carrier, into the closed-off bathroom. Allowing your cat to explore their new surroundings, starting with the small bathroom, will help them adjust easier and not be so stressed out. 

Several hours later when your cat has gotten used to the bathroom, you can let them into the rest of your room to explore the remaining space. But, still leave the pet carrier in plain sight with the door open so your cat can retreat back into its safety if they ever feel too scared.

Don't Forget a Litter Box 

When you have your cat out of their carrier and exploring the bathroom in your room, it is a good time to set up their litter box. 

Wherever you decide to place their litter box, make sure you set your cat inside the box so they know where it is, when they will need to do their business. In a new surrounding, if you don't show your cat where the litter box is, they will use another spot instead. Soiled carpet and bedding in your hotel room will mean you have to pay a cleaning fee in addition to the regular room rate.

Bring Plenty of Cat Toys

Your cat will want some familiar toys to keep them entertained. Bring several different toys that are your cat's favorite. Or, you can buy a couple of new toys as a special treat during your vacation stay in the hotel. 

Remember Cat Food

Unless the room provides cat food during your stay, make sure you bring your own cat food. Include a food and water dish as well, unless it is provided by the hotel. Many pet friendly hotels offer pet food and dishes during your stay, so call ahead and ask the hotel receptionist for details.

Don't forget these five things and your hotel stay with your cat should be a good one. You can click here for more info on hotel rates and pet policies, or you can contact local hotels with any questions.