6 Unique Beaches Around The World

When you think of beaches, you probably think of the hot sun and tan colored sand in your toes. While most beaches are quite similar, there are beaches around that world that are truly unique. If you want to visit a beach that stands out from the majority, here are 6 beaches that you may interest you when you're planning your next vacation.

Mineral Beach

Mineral beach is a resort on The Dead Sea in Israel. The Dead Sea is not part of the ocean. It is a salty lake that borders Jordan. In fact, it has a higher salt content than any other body of water in the entire world. The massive salt content is about 9 times higher than any ocean, and gets its name because no marine or plant life can survive in it. While you likely don't want to get this salty water you eyes or mouth, it's still fun to get in because the high salt content has a very unique perk. You can easily float on top of the water when you get inside of the lake. On Mineral Beach, you can spot tourists floating around the lake together like buoys.

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach is a resort found in New Zealand. This beach is more popular during low tide than high tide. There is a small roped off section where visitors are allowed to swim. This is because this beach has extremely dangerous currents. Most tourists don't mind because this isn't a beach you go to just to swim. During low tide, you'll see hot water bubbling through the sand. You can dig a hole in the sand and create your own spa. The water under the sand is heated by natural volcanic hot springs. Your family can dig your own little personal hot pool to relax in.

Papakōlea Beach

Papakōlea Beach is one of only two beaches in the entire world that has green sand. The beach is located in Hawaii, and gets its green sand from the olivine crystals that formed after a dormant volcano erupted years ago. Papakōlea Beach, also known as Green Sand Beach is not a resort and has no formal tours. However, you can drive to the isolated beach and visit it any time you want.

Star Sand Beach

Star Sand Beach in Okinawa, Japan is a beach that doesn't only have regular sand. It has star shaped sand as well. According to scientists, the odd star shaped "sand" is actually a massive collection of marine exoskeletons. These amazing exoskeletons are some of the oldest fossils in the entire world. They date back a whopping 550 million years. If you talk to locals, they'll most likely tell you the local legend of where the star sand is actually from. Legend has it that the North Star and Southern Cross had billions of tiny offspring. When a giant serpent was born into the ocean, it immediately killed all of the offspring, and the star sand is all of their skeletons.

Harbour Island

If you love the color pink, you'll want to take a trip to Harbour Island, Bahamas. While Harbour Island isn't the only pink sand beach in the world, it is known as one of the best. The sand is pink because of the high quantity of red coral in the ocean. The color from the red coral mixes in with the sand and gives it a beautiful, pale, pink glow.

Pfeiffer Beach

If you're more of a purple person than pink, you can find a purple beach right in the United States. Pfeiffer Beach is found in Big Sur, California. This beach is secluded and difficult to find. The beach isn't a resort or or a state park. It's actually part of Los Padres National Forest. The purple color comes from manganese garnet. The color is most brilliant after winter storms. It's also been reported to appear pink and green at times.

If you want to visit a beach that is a little different from the rest, any of these 6 beaches will give you an experience you won't forget. You can see colorful sand, skeletal sand, and even hot springs inside of sand.