Avoid Taking The Long Way: 4 Tips To Avoid Getting Long-Hauled

Driving may not be the best option at all times, especially if you plan on getting some drinks after a stressful day. About 30 people die everyday from a drunk driving motor accident. Don't become a statistic, and call a taxi instead. Even if you're not going to be drinking and are just simply visiting a foreign city, calling a taxi may still be the most convenient way of getting around. When calling a taxi, it's important to be aware of some of the more popular taxi scams. In particular, long-hauling is one of the more commonly executed scams by taxi drivers. It involves taking a longer route to rack up a higher fare charge. Here are 4 tips for avoiding getting long-hauled.

Get to Know the Route

Nowadays, technology has made it easy to familiarize yourself with the quickest route. You can either search up how to get to the destination before you leave on the computer or use the GPS function on your cellphone if you have data. Get to know the route ahead of time, so you know the general direction that the taxi should be travelling in.

You should also take note of specific landmarks. For example, you may notice on the map that going through a tunnel may take less time rather than going on a bridge. Make sure you tell the taxi driver exactly which route you expect them to use.

Ask Hotel or Airport Staff

Before leaving, ask a hotel or airport staff about the estimated taxi cab fare for where you're going. Chances are that someone will be able to give you a good ballpark figure. Experienced staff members are generally well aware of what you should be paying and will be able to tell you when you are getting long-hauled or scammed. Do keep in mind that the fare charged will be dependent on when you are getting a ride. If you have called a taxi during rush hour, your taxi fare may be significantly more expensive than if you were getting a ride in the early mornings.

Inquire on the Rate Before Getting Into the Taxi

If you are already have a ballpark figure in mind, speak to the taxi cab driver before you get into the cab to inquire about what the expected rate should be. This will let you know whether the taxi cab driver is honest or not and will also leave very little room for the driver to pull a quick one over you when the ride is over.

Act Like a Regular Visitor or a Local

Taxi cab drivers are more likely to pull a scam on those who are visiting and not familiar with the roads. In short, even if it is your first time in the city, you might not want to act like it. Act like you're a regular visitor and do your research on the city ahead of time. If you sound like you know what you're talking about, then there's a smaller chance of getting long-hauled or scammed.


To be fair, the quickest route at times may be the longest route due to the fact that those roads tend to be less congested. If you need to get to your destination as soon as possible, you should discuss which route the taxi driver will take, and be aware of whether you are paying more for a shorter taxi ride. In general, most taxi cab drivers are quite honest, and you can rest assured that you'll be paying a fair fare; however, there's no harm in implementing these tips just in case. 

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