Best Beach-Combing Tips for Your Upcoming Vacation

Make a point of beach-combing when you reach your vacation destination; these finds will be items that you long cherish, and they may become a keepsake long after you return from your journey. 

Some finds to keep an eye out for when combing the beaches of your vacation destination include:

Stunning seashells. Low-tide is the best time to go searching for unique shells that the water may have brought near the beach. Depending on where you are and what mollusks are native to the area, you should be able to find a few samplings and shells that are unique to the area and unlike others that you may have seen. Be sure to gently clean your shells with equal parts of warm water and household bleach when you get back home.

Sand samples. Take a pinch of sand from the beaches of your vacation destinations. Compare the particles and crystals to see the difference in one region to another, or one beach to others that you have visited. Be sure to pack a few baggies for finds when you head out to beach-comb.

Dry driftwood. Peek around the edges of foliage and greenery near the beach to find driftwood. This is usually tree limbs, branches, or twigs that have been in contact with the salt-water and that over time develop a weathered, dried appearance. If the branch is too big to be a practical find, breaking off a small piece should be easy as driftwood is brittle. These pieces of wood are excellent to use in crafting or to display when you get back home.

Gorgeous glass. You can often spot a sparkle of color lying in the sand where the water meets during a tide; this might be a piece of sea-glass! Sea-glass is old pieces of glass from bottles and trash that has been eroded by the salt water, often for a period of years. The result is a gorgeous piece of smooth, often-opaque glass that is perfect for collections, crafting, and creating jewelry when you return home from your trip.

Smooth stones or beach rocks. If you find a rock that has a smooth side, this is a great surface for painting. Use acrylic paints or paint-pens to design patterns, motifs, or even portraits on these stones to use in the garden or yard as a bright and cheery marker. Be sure that you don't remove rocks from beaches that have posted rules and regulations prohibiting taking treasures home.

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