Sweet 16 Event Venues: Go Beyond The Kids’ Parties

There are dozens of fun event venues to host a kid's birthday party, but after a certain age, most of them are quite right anymore. If you are throwing your daughter a sweet 16 party, she may want something a little more grown-up than a party at an arcade. Here are some event venues that are very popular with teens and are perfect for sweet 16 parties.

Private Cruise

A private cruise is a popular option for weddings and anniversaries, but it can also be a great venue for a sixteen-year-old's birthday party. Gliding along the water in the warm sunshine or taking an evening cruise with music, food, soda pop or punch, and cake is perfect for this kind of celebration. It can also be tailored to be a more sophisticated party or a formal affair.

Historic Mansions

There are dozens of historic mansions across the country that offer up the mansions and surrounding properties for special events. You can make your princess feel like royalty when you shell out the big bucks for a party at one of these mansions. Caterers are often allowed on these properties, but the mansions may have their own kitchen staff on hand to cook for special events or provide snacks and treats to visitors of the museum parts of these houses. Decorations are allowed, but given the grandeur of most of these places, they really are not needed.

Major Theme Parks

Even if you are sixteen, major theme parks, such as the ones in Orlando or California, are still exciting and fun. If you can pay for your daughter's friends and some parents to chaperone, it might be a good option. When you notify the theme parks that you are arranging a very special birthday party for your daughter, they typically include some extra perks and/or gifts for the birthday girl.

Party on a Private Jet

If you have been saving every dime and nickel for sixteen years, you could rent a private jet for a few hours and take a trip with the whole party. Partying on a private jet is very James Bond, but for some girls, it is just the thing to make them feel special. You could book the flight and hire waiters and a caterer and purchase a cake to go up in the air with you. Fly to a popular city, spend the night in a posh hotel, and fly home from the local airport in the morning on a commercial airline.