3 Ways To Save Money When Booking A Hotel

If you're in the process of planning an upcoming trip, you could be having a tough time figuring out your accommodations. After all, in some cases, the hotel is the most costly part of a trip, and you could be wondering how you can keep costs low so that you will have money to spend on other parts of your trip.  Luckily,  it is possible to score a great hotel room without spending a ton of money. These are a few tips that can help you do so.

1. Book During an Unpopular Time

You can expect to spend a lot more on a hotel room during it's busiest times. On the weekends during popular times, such as during the summer at the beach or during the winter in a popular skiing destination, many hotels don't have a hard time filling their rooms. Therefore, they really have no reason to offer discounts. If you are able to travel during not-so-busy times, such as during the late fall if you're going skiing or during the late spring if you're going to the beach, you may be able to save a significant amount. Plus, no matter what time of year you travel, you're generally going to spend less if you stay at a hotel during the week rather than on the weekend. If your dates are flexible, comparing the rates for different days of the week and times of the year can help you find the cheapest accommodations. Plus, you might find that you enjoy your trip more anyway, since the weather may be milder and the area might not be as busy.

2. Choose an Out of the Way Location

Another way that you can often save on hotel accommodations is by choosing an out-of-the-way location. Of course, you probably will not want to be too far from the action. However, choosing a location that is just a few miles -- or even a few blocks -- from the most popular tourist areas can often save you a ton of cash. For example, you're usually going to pay a whole lot more to stay at a beachfront hotel rather than one that is a short walk away. In some cases, along with saving money, staying a bit further away can also mean that you don't have to deal with as much traffic or noise, so it can actually make for a more relaxing vacation.

3. Skip the Upgrades

Unless you see it as a necessity, it's often a good idea to skip the upgrades, particularly if you're trying to cut costs. A suite can cost a lot more than a basic room, and staying in a room with a view may cost quite a bit more per night. Plus, you might be able to get a free or cheap upgrade at check-in anyway, particularly if yo