Making The Most Of Your Charter Bus Trip: Four Options To Consider

Choosing a charter bus for your next vacation can provide you with a great alternative to dealing with the hassles of crowded airports, and it lets you and your group see many sights you would miss when flying. However, a charter bus isn't just for getting from one place to another. Here are some ideas that can help you to make the most of your vacation and see more of what this country has to offer.

Hire A Tour Guide

Hiring a tour guide can give you a lot of inside information about the places you are traveling to. You can hire a guide for part or all of your trip, and you can work on your travel itinerary with him or her to ensure you get a custom sightseeing experience. The guide can speak about different cities and towns as you pass by on the bus, and he or she can accompany you on walking tours for any destinations you decide to stop at. In some cases, your charter bus company may even be able to provide you with guides for your journey.

Book A Tour Package

Some charter bus companies offer tour packages, which take the guesswork out of creating an itinerary. Think of these packages as cruise ships on land. they visit specific destinations and provide an allotted amount of time for you to explore each stop. The bus company may also work with local hotels and restaurants to ensure every part of your trip is taken into account. Tour package options might include fall foliage tours, historical tours, or even ghost tours at Halloween.

Charter A Bus With Audio/Visual Equipment

Your group may not want to just enjoy the view for your entire trip, particularly when you are traveling on freeways. Consider renting a charter bus that has audio/visual equipment. You can screen movies just like airlines do, or you can watch programs about the areas you are planning on visiting. These buses have screens on the backs of each seat, so you can enjoy watching the programs or films without distracting the bus driver.

Ask The Bus Driver For Reccommendations

As long as your bus driver is meeting all requirements for hours of sleep and rest, he or she may be willing to make unscheduled stops to local restaurants or businesses along the way. Ask for recommendations for great places to eat as you travel, and work with the driver to visit one, even if it's not on your itinerary. These spur-of-the-moment stops can make for great memories on your trip.

A charter bus company can help you with many of the arrangements you need to make your charter bus trip a success, so don't hesitate to ask for help when planning your group vacation. Contact a company, like First Class Charter, to begin planning.