Tips for First-Time Travel to Africa

Many travelers dream of going to Africa, but they are nervous about what it will be like. Africa is a different beast than Asia or any other travel destination. It can be incredibly raw but also incredibly rewarding. To make your first trip to Africa as smooth as possible, here are some tips. 

Book a Tour

When you first arrive in Africa, it can be overwhelming. Booking overland tours, such as tours in Egypt or Ghana, is a popular option. It will help you get acclimated to the culture and the land around you. Some people choose tours that cover several countries as once so that they can get the highlights of the continent without having to figure out logistics. 

Know About Visas

Each area will have its own visa requirements. Travel isn't as free between countries as what you would expect when going to Europe. You wouldn't want to have a bus ticket to a country, only to find out that you needed to apply for a visa six months ago. When you book tours, these aspects will be handled for you. 

Research Local Culture and Traditions

Africa is a varied continent, which means that the local etiquette will vary. It may be much different from what you are used to back home. Be sure to show cultural sensitivity by going in understanding what the locals will expect of you. 

Research Local Safety

Some countries in Africa have an unstable political situation. If you are planning to travel to one of these countries, be sure that you keep updated on the safety levels a week, a month, and even three months before your trip. Be aware of possible ways to reroute your excursion if the political situation becomes unstable near the time that you plan to be in the area. 

Ask for Advice

Africa is a big place with a lot to see. Unless you have a year to spend traveling around Africa, you're going to have to prioritize. That's when it comes down to asking people who have already been there. Online forums are a good resource for finding the best stops or comparing hotel options. If you book tours, you will also have your tour company to ask about how to get to and from your destinations. Overall, careful planning will make for an exciting and safe trip, so take your time and explore all of your options!

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